“…Because I am the size of what I see, not of what I measure…”
(Fernando Pessoa)

Speaking of adarq is speaking of a multidisciplinar atelier, where architecture plays a preponderant part in this activity, by developing projects for both privates and the national/international public sector.

The quality of its work has guaranteed the support and collaboration of other architecture offices and architects, both in supporting different steps of the project and producing virtual images.

The experience and reconnaissance obtained by this atelier stand out due to its creative process of experimentation, maturing, strategy and theory, comprising different scales and contents.

Demanding of quality in its project phase is reflected in its rigor of execution.

The form of the building projected by adarq is the result of a strategy based in effectiveness, not just aesthetic goals. It is by creating rational and emotional solutions that it seeks to solve problems in architecture such as space, light and scale.

The atelier’s work has mainly been creating not just an ideal architecture but an essential architecture, which will coin a meaning in liaison to its contexts.